Together with her partner Paz, Aliah Selah has done
years of quality Public Advocacy Access Television in Austin Texas.

{F.Y.I. Austin Access has been voted #1 Public Access stations in the country
for it's professional level programming and has helped to birth early works
of several known top notch film-makers such as Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids)
and Richard Linkletter (Dazed and Confused).}

When they found the TV Access station it was after noticing that all the creative people they met in Austin were begging for crumbs of exposure. So they decided to learn to bake bread of exposure so they could start handing it out to all the cool people they were meeting who were hungry for it - as part of the very colorful wacky Austin Creative scene
that they fit so well in and were were honored to be a part in.
ACTV was an amazing facility and taught them all they needed to know about TV making
(other than watching the old Kung Fu Series for it's cinematic brilliance and tao teachings)
while giving them the equipment to do it.

When they arrived in Austin - from San Diego where they had only starting doing a little video editing on their SOULER SYSTEM video demo -
co edited with their first video mentor Patrick DeLuz out of San Diego.
They first arrived in 1993 - this video demo won a 1993 Video Award for
"Best of ACTV Programming".

Their next video mentor was Kirk-o-matic who had a style that was an
"ambient montage of visuals layered upon each other" style he called "appropriation"
This became a real interest for them because of the grainy fidelity of the 3/4 inch video tape format that the station used at that time lead them to the same conclusion just for the sake of what would look best with what was possible - before it went digital.
Kirk-o-matic an absolutely brilliant video artist who has abstract, fast moving, and somewhat chaotic and he took Paz and Aliah under his wing and taught them all the stuff the equipment could do.

. They started making pads with a similar layered style of images fading in and out of a moving collages with sacred & beautiful intentional images: walks through the woods, photos of sacred locations around the world, and all kinds of synchronicity images were added when they caught something cool on TV while the show was actually airing or while they were editing in the main studio. This became the style they became known for in the TV show Trippin' In Austin ... because
it made everyone trip... or at least feel like they were.

In 1994 - their video art piece of that style "Kaleidoscope Rainbow" was a
finalist in the HOMETOWN VIDEO Awards.

"Wake Up & Smell The Incense" was the couples first TV show.

The TV show featured their own flowing psychedelic music & videos.
The image of Host/VJ Fana the Iguana (1990-2002)
she would come in & out with a smoke dissolve
as wise quotes appeared over her head
that somehow poetically applied to the next video.

She and Aliah were on the cover of the Daily Texan (UT's paper)
at the time because Fana was kicked out of a Bob Marley festival...
and a reported happened to take the photo and spoke to Aliah later and did a story on the TV show
& it's now famed Ignuana... Fana.

"Wake Up & Smell The Incense" was on ACTV and many of the videos from it and others they made
were also featured on:
The Austin Music Network.

"P.E.A.C.E." (Planet Earth Alignment for Creative Evolution)
was the next TV show that was an interview show with Paz as the host/interviewer - with one focused guests for the whole hour - always a great conversation with people in the public eye -
who the couple wanted to honor with their
CREATIVE EVOLUTIONARY AWARD & continued on the air
while they continued to do other TV shows and SXSW specials.

It spiraled on to and has grown into the couples ongoing non-profit organization
that was able to receive several grants
for instructional wellness videos.

And now PEACEFARM PRODUCTIONS is in the process of making a new
public advocacy web cast TV show.
Peacefarm Productions
has combined with Spiralon Productions

as well as their own special brand of Green Activism Skits on:


A Metaphysical
Variety TV Show
For A Sustainable Future

It wilt take the best of what they did

with the TV show they are most known for...

Over the 2 years that "Trippin' in Austin" was on the air weekly
"Moondays at Midnight"...

The only Trippin' In Austin Rules:
No Sheep, No Cheese, but Sheep Cheese is cool!

(People who were on the show would often bring sheep cheese - as a joke - and crackers of course!)

Aliah became notorious as the 'mystical female Pauly Shore-like' VJ host
of the popular local Austin access show that blended a unique layered “trippy” visual style with live footage of various musicians, poets, actors, special events,
and activists from around Austin and nationally spiraling in and out of the mix that took the viewer on a trip and you never knew where you would land. In the mix would always be the trademark flashback from the old KUNK FU TV show series... something with the wise monks..
Gaining the sponsorship of one of the biggest concert promoters-
Pace Concerts, gave back stage access at many shows:
Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Lollapalooza, H.O.R.D.E. Tour, Lilith Fair,
Alanis Morrissette, Lenny Kravitz, and many others.

Among TRIPPIN’' highlights are:

Sandra Bernhard's "Excuses For Bad Behavior" Interview
(Where they gave her a CREATIVE EVOLUTIONARY AWARD for telling her truth... so creatively!)

Dave Mathews doing a never been released love song "I'll Back You Up"
& Interview with Patrice Pike (Lead vocalist of Little Sister/Sister7)

Covering events like: H.O.R.D.E. Tour, Lollapalooza, Midem (France),
Mother Earth Festivals along with covering SXSW every year and
Eeyore's Birthday as well as other highlights in Austin's Local Scene
and at the Rainbow Gathering and similar events.

Some of the featured local acts included:
Abra Moore, Little Sister/Sister 7,
Ugly Americans, Vallejo, Dahveed Garza,
Billy White Trio, & many more...

To feed the crew they also had sponsors: Amy's Ice Cream and Conans Pizza who named their "Don't Choke Art" Artichoke pizza - after the slogan was used for Trippin' In Austin with Red Dawn - who helped on the show and got us the Pace Concerts Sponsorship because of her job there - there was lots of press and fun times for Trippin' that became an Austin Monday night ritual for many known musicians, artists and activist -
just in case they might be on & to enjoy the many colorful excentric in the Austin Artist/Activist scene.

During the Lilith Fair years they did a special called:

GirlGroove... a celebration of women in music

The line-up for this one time special includes:

Aliah's interview with & music video by Sandra Bernhard,
& live musical performances by Joan Osborne, Ricky Lee Jones,
Abra Moore, Patrice Pike (Little Sister/Sister 7/Black Box Rebellion),
Kris Mc Kay, Aliah Selah, Quatropaw (featuring Beth Richards),
Techiya Amet (Doggone Sirius),
Marci Winters, & Inkululeko.

SOTV (Sacred Originality TV)
is their most recent video show
featuring all kinds of performers
around Austin & beyond...
coming in & out of a
stream of consciousness
collage of images.

Early shows included:
Liquid Soul, Applied Culture, Big Breakfast,
Quatropaw, Laura Scarborough, Marci Winters, JP Allen, The Hog legs,
Max 217, & Aliah Selah's title cut video from her recently released CD
"Shades Of Images",
as well as several live cuts & videos of & by SPIRAL.

SOTV includes acts gratefully filmed
by the SOTV Kung Fu Camera Crew at:
The Mercury, Cafe Mundi, & Movements Gallery.

The show has aires late night on the weekend of SXSW.

As the show evolves, and we (the band SPIRAL) begin our travels,
would like to be able to showcase performers
from all over on SOTV, who want to inspire
the calm from the chaos through their art.

When asked about being a VIDEO ARTIST - Aliah Says,
"It was how it all come about... people helping us because we wanted to help other artists and activists to have a voice - like Patrick De Luz - who helped us to see the poetry in video art metaphor that we found in watching the old KUNG FU series... with some of the best directors of our time making episoides - there was much to learn - in the Tao as well. Then when we came to Austin, to ACTV and found Kirk-o-matic who showed us his unique video art and we spent a relatively short time in the studio with our eyes wide open as he showed us what was possible. Then, Bryan K. Blake
who is a walking saint - really - he allowed me espeically - to be creative and slowly I watched and learned how to do what he was doing - his show: THE FISH CHANNEL was a huge hit - among many other cool things he did. And then there was another Buddha of Music TV -
Dave Prewitt with his Rolling Stones Award Winning Access Shows: RAW TIME & CAPZEYES who was always kind, helpful, and supportive of both our music and music video production -
with hints and just plain supportive encouragement.
And last but not leaste was the very talented Dave Danheim who's show REMOTE GENERATION ran just before ours when
TRIPPIN' IN AUSTIN first came on - his show brought us an immediate audience.
Thank you all at ACTV and AMN (AUSTIN MUSIC NETWORK) all who were on or helped our TV shows that we offered there in the magical town of Austin. We love you"

Stay tuned as visions continue to spiral on...


This idea grew out of Aliah's Stand up Comedy Set that she loved performing in Austin because everyone there could totally relate... in the set she first admits to being a Rockaholix - and everyone in Austin was one... so as she told her story of how she went to get help for her "dis-ease" and found that there wasn't any for Rockaholism.
In fact... now this rock obsession has taken over the world - every kid, and adult secretly wants to be a Rockstar.
Look at kid's toy marketing and most movies with references... and they have Hendrix selling cars!
So she started Rockaholix Anonymous so that we could all find our inner rockstar and learn to rock safe...
or practice safe rock or safe sax in her case... yes this is the calling of
ROCK DOC ALIAH - who boldly asks... R U A Rockaholix?

If so, do you believe that we can rock the vote... that we can rock the planet into peace?
Watch out for ROCk DOC Aliah.. who is ready to offer a new approach to ending the war.

Also look for:

Spiralon Productions
also has several other film concepts...

The film RETURN "
simply asks isn't it time we stop...
fighting over God?

© 2000
(Pro-Peace Movement)

On the same page you can also find info on 2 other feature film ideas:

& "Street Kids"
Film & TV Series concept

(Alternative Runaway Shelters story & eventual funding from film)
Full Moon Rising" © 1993
(Alternative Homeless Shelters - story & eventual funding from film)

For more info on these films

And many more of Aliah & Paz's
creative visions...


All graphics
by Aliah Selah

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