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We are all guided
as we
to things that
aren't so loud.

Aliah did a duet with Lotus Heart Yogadancer Autumn Turley
on her family land near Middletown, CA - at their sacred tree.
Special Thanks To: Hawk & Horse Vineyard and all the family.


ALIAH SELAH is a free spirit -
an  interdisciplinary artist, 

a singer/songwriter, dancer,
and actress
who is
also a spirtual activist, yogi, &
Medical Qigong Sound Healer.
continues to move people deeply
with her songs, video art in her music videos,
TV shows, and live shows with the
Lotus Heart Yogadancers.

Perhaps you have a spirit name that you have been thinking of taking?

Take a deep breath and hear your heart beat.. listen to the whispers of the body and the yearning for the spirit to live fully - sharing connections with all who nurture our highest good that we may all offer peace to our planet - as we listen to things that aren't so loud.

Blessings to your visions, taking your spirit name, and following the deepest part of you that knows how amazing we all are and the life is that we share together.
Chanting Eternal Now
(Spiral On... song)

I was born Alise Clar - "all is clear" - a lot to live up to - Clar - means clairvoyant.
I come from a long line on Romanian Jewish Gypsy Cohan Tribe of Clairvoyants.

And it is clear... I was lead to the name - Aliah Selah.
(Meaning: "onward to a grounded awe" - more of a work-in-progress name.)

Aliah is my Hebrew name - and during my A DANCER FOR PEACE TOUR
(dedicated to Peace Pilgrim - Israel, France, & Amsterdam)
I used that name - while I performed in Israel.. and it felt so good when people called me it.

Our son was convinced at the 25th Anniversary Rainbow Gathering.
I had to be there for my 1/2 birthday -on the Full Moon - June 30th 1996 -
after 10 years of marriage - we were not sure it was possible and knew the second it happened.

Interesting, that I told Paz when we met at 26, that I would have a child at 36
and then realized - I was 35 and would give birth when I was 36 -
without trying to make it happen - it had happened.

So we blessed the soul who joined us.
And the next day, we made our camp in Kid Village to give thanks.

During our most amazing pregnancy, I studied Tibetan Reiki
and the first vowel we learned was AH.. for the heart.
I loved the way the sound opened my heart and I felt more relaxed.
I noticed that my birth name Alise - was tight at the end sound-wise.
Aliah, my Hebrew name - was open at both ends and felt freeing to me.

I was also blessed with an alignment weekly by Rainbow Healer TOOLS
who also helped with the birth.
I did my Yogadance Flow daily and walked a lot and ate tons of
organic eggs, produce, & superfood smoothies.

Loving to learn, I focused on learning Feng Shui (for the nesting instinct)
Belly Dancing (for the birth - only 4 hours - by being in water for 3 1/2 hours
and horse stance - hip circles - for the last 1/2 hour - the full moon helped a lot.)
And my main focus - becoming a Tibetan Reiki Master.

During that pregnancy, in my 4th month,
a woman came to me as a Wellness Consultant
to prepare for an operation to remove a cancerous ovary.
After working with her for only 3 weeks -
she went into complete remission and a year later - had a healthy baby girl.
It is likely that our son inside me had something to do with it.
Yet there were many things that allowed it to happen.

I feel that a lot of it was the CoCreative Approach of asking her to come to our Reiki Circle
to offer as well as receive healing.

Offering her my "Body seeks a song... method" of doing many good things for overall wellness all throughout the day - not just one thing (a note) or a combo of synergistic supplements (a chord) instead giving the body many harmonious chords: many combos & healthy organic foods..
meditative movement & positive thoughts as part of a Longevity Lifestyle - that includes
a bridge - to change it up - to offer the body a variety of consistent good things (adaptogens) and time with nature and those we love - compassion, gratitude & reverence for life - all this together -
is what heals us.

I have lived to see many miracles in my own life and others with this CoCreative Approach.

In the 7th month of pregnancy, I took the name Aliah on my birthday - Dec 30th.
And I began to feel that I should write down what healed this woman so fast of ovarian cancer.

To offer a fun, fast, and intuitive way to joyfully eat healthy foods - I wrote a booklet & kits I called:
that I shared with known musicians I felt would appreciate it:
Sarah Mclachlan, Sheryl Crow, Lenny Kravitz, Dave Mathews Band,
Collective Soul, Counting Crows, & Shawn Colvin.

When I started to record my solo music, I took the name Aliah Selah.
Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach told me that Selah meant AWE-men.
Then, a biblical historian told me that in Proverbs - King David sometimes instead of "Amen"
said "Selah" and it was when he would start the band -
as a musician that made me really happy to hear that.

So because Aliah Selah was getting gigs and CD money...
I legally changed my name to: Aliah Selah Clar Rheinstein

So now years later, I find this photo of the Selah Temple in Tibet. Wow.

One day I would love to go there.
For now, I am doing all I can for Tibet as I study Tibetan Medicine.
It is their wisdom that will bring us back to center I feel
with their 5 Element understandings - where space is heart energy - in the center
connecting all the elements and us all.

We allowed our son to find his spirit name.
My son who was 2.. and I were watching the film "7 Years In Tibet" and everytime the Dalai Lama came on - he would tilt his head like there was something wrong - confused because it looked like the Temple and Dalai Lama but they were just actors in costumes and he seemed to know it.

So I asked him if he was a monk in Tibet and he nodded.
I was asking about his past life because he understood us but was not yet talking.
I asked if he was the Dalai Lama and he shook his head no.
I asked if he was a servant to the Dalai Lama and he nodded again.
I continued to ask about what he did when he was a monk as he continued to nod:
sing, dance, play music, cook, garden, make art...
kinda like our life now.. and he nodded and smiled.

So I got the idea to take him to the world map on the wall and asked him to show us
where he had lived in this past life and without hesitation he pointed to Tibet.
He was only 2 - so he could not have known or read it.. and it was effortless to him to do it.

Then, about an hour later I was wondering if it all really happened
so I brought him the globe and asked him to show me here where he lived before.
He slowly turned it and pointed to Tibet again on the globe.

Then, when Paz came home that evening and I told him what happened -
(Paz also took his Hebrew name for our son's birth as well -
so we became - Mama Aliah and Papa Paz.)
Paz carried our son to the world map again and asked him to show us where he lived before and again he went right to Tibet and then slightly North - looking at us - as to say, is that enough detail for you? We both told him thank you and moved on.

Later that evening, as I asked him to get ready for his bath - I noticed that he did not like his name Zeek (for Ezekiel). So I told him he could change his name if he wanted.. assuring him that
Paz and I had both taken our spirit names and we would be fine
if he wanted to be called something else that he loved to be called.

He got in the bath and soon after, look at me deeply and then put his hand to his heart and
as the first word he spoke - said "Ariah".
So we legally changed his name to Ariah and called him that from then on.
I found that Ariah means "Nobel" in Sanskrit. But only recently did I find that
the "Ariah" where the holy ones of the temple.
Then, at about 9 he took the name Zack and at 13 legally changed his name to Zackariah Ezekiel.

(So he took back the name we had given him as his middle name.)

Here for Lotus Heart Yogadancers to listen to and prepare for the video shoot in Nature -
is a rough demo - an electronica version of a song I wrote at 18 - on the land I bought with friends who were advanced healers who formed Reevis School - a healing retreat center there.
This version now has sound healing tones in it.
An offering to our son (and the many beautiful souls here now) - blessing our inner beauty.

"Boundless Beauty"
(for Zackariah born at 5:55 pm - now 18.)

Boundless Beauty Endless Breeze
Sitting Among These Countless Trees
Birds With their songs they sing for free
of all of the beauty that nature be

Like the stream that keeps on flowing
Like the dream in our mind's eye
Time of joining hands together
cause you know what we would find
Boundless Beauty, Boundless Beauty, In Ourselves

Boundless Beauty Endless Breeze
Sitting Among These Countless Trees
Mountains they call us and they say climb
Just follow the birds and the breeze
and the sun that meant to shine.


We see Boundless Beauty In Ourselves
When we understand the beauty in ourselves

Boundless Beauty Endless Breeze
Sitting Among These Countless Trees
Birds With their songs they sing for free
of all of the beauty that nature be

Boundless Beauty In Ourselves 3x's


Aliah Selah
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