ALIAH SELAH is a free spirit -
an  interdisciplinary artist, 

a singer/songwriter, dancer,
and actress,
a spirtual activist, yogi, &
Medical Qi Gong Sound Healer.
continues to move people deeply with her songs,
video art in her music videos TV shows,
and live shows with the
Lotus Heart Yogadancers.

Aliah Selah
B i o g r a p h y

Dedicated to creative people everywhere

The 7 LIFE CHOICES that made all the difference.


An Interdependent Interdisciplinary Artist -
A Storyteller offering a Songwriter's Sojourn -
seeking to be a healthy creative person:

Aliah Selah was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona where she started piano lessons at 7 - but then at 9 she opted out of lessons to play piano and find her own songs. She kept her poems in a shoe box under her bed... and when no one was around - she took her poems to the piano where she would just play... exploring her voice and the piano and listening to what came.

Aliah’s involvement in performing arts first began with her dancing as young as 3 in Creative Dance classes. She loved to dance and grew up taking classes in ballet, tap, and jazz and this lead to being known in high school for her conceptual dances that she choreographed to
FRANK ZAPPA, YES, and PINK FLOYD songs. When she choreographed Dark Side Of The Moon's "Time" - it was described as "poetry in motion" and she began to be seen in a new light around her high school. Especially when the year book printed this hauntingly cool solo dance picture that had somehow - in a spontaneous instant - captured her special spark.

She was naturally funny and even at times the class clown while performing in musical comedies from age 7 to 13 - but after hearing Janis Joplin at 13.. she she opted out of more musicals - to write her own songs. She was into finding what was real - and discovering how to express it.

In her singing studies, she wanted to sing the gospel wailing of "The Great Gig In The Sky" (off Dark Side Of The Moon) - so she learned it - note per note. She was mesmerized by how much emotion was conveyed without words and knew that was the place that she wanted to sing from. And she turned from dance classes to Yoga - this grew her strength to ergonomically be in touch with her body feeling it get stronger each day.

This realization caused her to change deeply inside - she became a vegetarian, a pacifist, and started doing yoga.

#1 LIFE CHOICE: Self Care & Living Healthy are the foundations
to any dream. Yoga is a way of life and Aliah has said that it saved her from unhealthy dance classes and the typical life of a touring musician. Yoga has been a natural guide to her wellness lifesyle that has allowed her to have lots of energy to be creative. Listening to the body, she finds creative ways to make good tasting, easy to prepare finger foods, salads, soups, stews, and deserts - eating middle path organic vegetarian health foods. Her understanding of nutrition has allowed her to be into the latest whole food nutritional supplements to add to her optimally healthy "live-it", she calls it.

Being IN EASE & FOODCOOL from the book
is her new podcast in pre-production that came from the book
she gave to many known touring musicians.

Aliah feels that ALL conditions have a nutrtional element,
then there is our heirity, and support or lack there of.
We have a choice by how we live. If we are attracted to what is healthy for us and choose happiness then all the sensitivity of the soul can be channeled through our art form. And clarity comes in time as we observe the ping-pong of the yes and no in our head. The Inspiration vs. Disappointment dance. As we can we begin to enjoy the game and learn from both the ups & down. This is what life is about and it can help to feed our creativity so that we are able to make the best of whatever happens -
through our art.
If anyone has told you to take psychological drugs... please read this:

Aliah's yoga awakening...

In her senior year,
Aliah surprised everyone
by dropping dance
(that she was known
for at her high school)
for yoga & music
(Jazz Band - Sax,
Voice, and
Music Theory)

at Phoenix Collage.

Her goal was to learn to write music so she could dance to the music she wrote and then make videos of it -
this goal totally
changed her life.

She began living fully and following her intuition more and more - she was falling in love with yoga and this gave her a sacred connection to her body and this took her
dance even deeper.

Over the years of her devotion to yoga,
Aliah has developed
and now teaches
her own form of
Yoga & Qi Gong called
& for Sacred Dancers -
Yogadance Qi Flow.

Aliah Selah &
Lotus Heart Yogadancers
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HEAR the music for the first song:
Dedicated to John Lennon & the Beatles
who inspired many people to meditate with this channeled song and the book
BE HERE NOW by Ram Dass - and one of his teachers who offered Ashtanga Yoga - and spiritual guidance -
Baba Hari Dass
who turns 90 this year and Aliah found out recently was her yoga teacher's teacher
giving it special meaning
to her.

Now you can see Aliah Selah & Lotus Heart Yogadancers in 

music video:

Aliah's 1st
One Woman Show:
A Dancer For Peace

After finishing her BA -
at New College - she did a
Master's Dance Choreography
class at ASU where she danced
to her own music.

This awakening & doing a Yoga Teacher's training with Shri Raman who asked her to do an Activist Project - so she did her first A Dancer For Peace Concert in Tempe.
And the dance choreography of the show
lead her to tour Israel, France & Amsterdam with her 1st one woman show.
It was inspired by Peace Pilgrim who walked 7x's the US living & teaching peace.
In Amsterdam, her
A Dancer For Peace
was on the same bill as
Timothy Leary's Evolution
Lecture Tour in Amsterdam
at De Kosmos Theater

Her life completely changed after choosing Yoga over dance for the time being - when she began studying with Shri Raman - a practicing yogi for over 50 years. He was 5'2", 120 lb's, and 80 years young and looking in his 50's. He had been a vegetarian activist for years just as long and took Aliah as a student saying: "Come to my house before the sunrise and as the sun rises we make yoga". So she drove to his house in the dark for almost a year and learned to live as a yogi. This prepared her for her first show.

Years later Aliah Selah
returned to Amsterdam to play in the A2A Music Festival -
and re-connect with old friends from her
There's talk about her going back to follow up the response of her newest CD Shades Of Images - yet she wants to take the new CD to Europe - so she may wait to go.

Seeking a healthy ergonomic dance form she developed her own - as a Yoga and Qi Gong teacher she teaches: YOGADANCE QI FLOW blending her love of Authentic CoCreative Movement and Contemporary Dance - that she offers to her LOTUS HEART YOGADANCERS who she trains to be:

#2 LIFE CHOICE: There are no mistakes... everything is how we respond to what happens and making the best of it. So use your high sensitivity to be creative - EXPRESS YOURSELF. There are many shades to the images we see
- what view helps you to keep your center and be your best?

Aliah's songwriting awakening...

One day... Aliah dared to share a few of her intimate songs on piano with her chorus teacher after school. As a songwriter himself, he was blown away and began encouraging her singing & songwriting. He was so moved with how deeply she looked into things with her poetic lyrics. Yet mostly, how she let every experience inspire a poem that lead to a song about something she learned - from each experience.

He told her to save all her poetry for future songs.
So she kept her poems a secret “in a shoe box under her bed”
as referred to in the chorus of the title track
“Shades Of Images”.

The chorus of
"Shades Of Images"
was in that Shoe box.

 "Shapes taking form,
and forms making sense,
senses getting felt -
feeling taking shape
in Shades of Images
inspired by... mistakes."

In talking about her early years
of development Aliah says,
"I am eternally grateful to the
artists and teachers
who taught me to believe it...
when you can see the invisible."

Her continuous devotion to songwriting paid off
when the prestigious
Boston Berklee School of Music

gave her a rarely given out vocal scholarship
reserved for unique singer/songwriters.

Inspiration from Aliah's songwriting beginnings...

Her 2nd Solo CD:
Shades Of Images

Produced by the
well-known & loved
Austin producer
Mitch Watkins

Shades Of Images
is a song oriented
Adult Alternative Rock CD
that stretches into many
musical styles from modern rock
to world pop to spokenword.

Listen To Full Songs &
Buy It From

Clips & Find Out About The Musicians..
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Before leaving for a west coast tour
she was
interviewed as a featured artist
on KKMJ with DJ Eric Leikam.

In Aliah's full page interview with

Access Magazine
they wrote how they especially liked
the title track “Shades Of Images”
describing it as:
"catchy as some radio ballads".
more SOI Reviews below)

Vision Magazine
also reviewed her
Shades Of Images CD:

“The album mixes her gorgeous voice
with the delicate poetry of her words.
Added is a pop-rock,
almost 70's sound that has the power
and immediate sense of now.
The music is both timeless and current,
rambunctious yet meditative.”

To Aliah, it was more than just music - it was a quest for the real authentic spirit of social justice and peace activism, while unfolding the mystery of real love and the meanings to life. She had played solo piano for a while when at 15 her vision of a band came to her as she picked up the sax. She had started Sax pretty late compared to the kids at her high school - many who started their instrument in the 2nd grade and had been playing since. She was told that she had progress very fast and was good but not good enough to play in the Jazz band at her High School. She practiced all summer and then joined the Phoenix college Jazz Band next to the top player at her high school last year. She proved to herself that every no is a yes somewhere else - that's better for you.

#3 LIFE CHOICE: Every no becomes a yes and we learn to say... next! Cause each ending is a beginning somewhere else if we have the strength to go for it. Anyone who has accomplished anything - wanted to do it just a little more than not do it. And at moments it was really hard to know what is best.

The teachers at Phoenix Collage were gifted at giving the next step to their students and after studying Bach corals, 2 & then 3 part inventions, she challenged the class to write a fugue. She was the only one who did it. She recorded it with flute and harp as a spoken word dance piece that she later choreographed. Then, after going to ASU where she took a Multi-Media Performance Art class for the summer and starting leading Full Moon Gatherings with songs at the Gentle Strength Co-op. At ASU each performance art class was in opposites part of the campus and did not recognize interdisciplinary artists combining them. So she moved to San Francisco to go to NEW COLLEGE OF CALIFRONIA - an alternative school where she was able to study with the best teachers in the Bay Area as part of her self directed curriculum. They had one class that was required - "Compared To What?" Where they were told to make short term, long term and life time goals and had everyone's support in looking at them with them. The final was your short term goal. Going to this amazing school was perfect for a budding artist to explore the path of being an artist.

Aliah's rock sax awakening...

Danena, a bass player &
totally crazy fun, inspired lady was
Aliah's new best friend.
Above everything else -
she totally o
rock music.
Danena's brother Don -
lived for rock concerts & beer -
and having a good laugh and
later became Aliah's boyfriend.

One day, after Aliah found Don's sax
collecting dust
up in his closet.
He looked at her excitement and said,
"A girl play sax, never!"
That was it - the sax was coming down
and she was gonna prove him wrong.
He said if she learned to play it,
he'd give it to her.

So at 15, in the middle of sophomore year,
she switched her theater class for
band class and started playing sax
all the time.

By the age of 16, she was playing Sax in the
Phoenix College Jazz Band
and he gave her the sax.

"Fridge Poetry" & "Star Child" off the
Living In The Shade CD that will be featured
in the Rockaholix movie.

Now she is connecting Indian Raga's and Mantras - then found out
it was the same journey
John Coltrane took.. so she's studying him too.
There's a possibility of
an Electric Sax Controller for future Electronica.

Aliah's courage to perform her own songs paid off big time when she was playing at an Arizona Singer Songwriter's Showcase and the host was a popular Radio DJ who called her "The next Joni Mitchell". This meant a lot to Aliah who loved & respected how Joni was an artist who continually took her art deeper - growing and changing through following her muse. And like Aliah, Joni was also a painter - in addition to being a folk songwriter who dipped into Jazz. Joni had given Aliah permission to explore & express who she was as an artist fully - as a way of life.

The DJ's comment and the Songwriting groups reaction to it - encouraged Aliah to began playing her songs in the Lunch Concert Series at Phoenix and this started her gigging. And even through she has stopped focusing on dance for music for the time being - she won 2nd place in a Phoenix College Talent Concert with a solo dance piece. She found that the yoga had actually made her dance even stronger.
She loved how yoga focused on the sacred connection to the body she had always felt with dance - it was why she became vegetarian at 13 and she kept learning about being healthy and healing.

After a life of dance, yoga came really easily and made total sense to her as a way to appreciate the body each day. From her yoga class, she met new friends who were into health and she went with her new friends to Living Love Workshops and began studying Self-Hypnosis Visualizations and meditation.

After being an Anti-nuke protester... she wanted to focus on what could help instead of what was not working. She wrote SONGS OF ALTANTIS - music for a presentation to help promote OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion). This choice rippled in ever part of her life. Walking towards Solutions and away from arguments with nay sayers.

#4 LIFE CHOICE: Focus on Solutions and what is possible rather than fighting with those who disagree. And offering your music (or other art) to a good cause gives it good karma and that is what Earth is about. So doing this burns off a lot of old Karma. By having a purpose and goal that serves others we rise our vibrations so we can take on more energy.
We may begin to have "instant karma" so that we are able to manifest more easily. And if are going in the wrong direction, we get feedback right away so we can course correct. So do as much service as possible - you will feel the rewards.


Several songs for her next solo CD
have already been used for good causes:

Aliah's song “Bless The Water” was used for radio and TV spots to support S.O.S. (Save Our Spring) opposing a developer who threatens the fragile watershed Eco-system in Austin - effecting much of Central Texas. Interestingly enough, the song came to her a week before Tibetan Monks came to Austin to bless Barton Springs. Without Aliah knowing they were coming to do so... Aliah wrote the song "Bless The Water". When the Monks came to bless it - they video taped it and their sand art and put them both in a video that was played in support of S.O.S. on many shows. Aliah’s song “Sweetwater” is the title track of the Austin feature film Sweetwater that showcased in several festivals and plays regularly on PBS. “The Field” began playing on several Austin radio stations in response to the war efforts by DJ's who aligned with it's pro-peace message - along with her Shades Of Images Space Rock Song: “What Is So?” with the same theme. Aliah’s focus is what she calls “Spiritual Activism” and another song on her upcoming CD “Luna Tree Of Life” is dedicated to Julia Butterfly Hill who lived in a Redwood Tree for 2 years to help these ancient trees from extinction. It was Julia‘s love and reaching out to connect with the lumber jacks as people that makes her so special and helped the cause - several acres of the Redwood Forest are now preserved because of her efforts. The song was given to Aliah in a dream where a Native American Medicine Man asked her to thank Julia for her brave efforts. After waking up she sat down at the keyboard and the song came out whole. After years of Aliah's own activist efforts she says, “It’s not just having a dedication to a cause - it’s how we go about co-creating and inspiring change - that will allow a lasting effort. In other words - there's no way to fight for peace... we must be the peace and inspire the change in others to also rise up to the call of empowering a sustainable peace.” Aliah was able to meet Julia and give her a copy of the song when she honored her with a Creative Evolutionary Award for the new TV show in pre-production - where she lives now - one of the birth homes of free speech - Berkeley, CA. The new TV show is being produced by Peacefarm Productions and Spiral On Productions and being called: CREATIVE EVOLUTION. Aliah had an idea for a multi-media show called: Creativity Lives! Then, she teamed up with another producer to combine their ideas and efforts to co-create this ground breaking new Metaphysical/Eco-Tech Evolutionary Comedy Variety TV Show For a Sustainable Peace that is inspired by Jon Stewart, Steve Colbert, Bill Maher, Michael Moore, & Morgan Sperlock... who's brave & eloquent efforts to tell the truth in a funny & creative way. Showing us that Evolutionary Comedy is an idea who time has come.. it is time to rise up peacefully - making a difference with inspirations of solutions for a better world while we laugh at the massive confusion of priorities - until they see that even them - will be effected if we blow it - literally! It will showcase Visionary Artists, Poets, Activists, and Musicians along with Eco-Tech inventors and Intentional Community Builders - all through Evolutionary Comedy while honoring the creativity
and originality of peace & Earth activists everywhere.

Now more than ever, in these changing times, she continues to dig's deep with the inspiration that her songs inspire others to be creative as well. Aliah seeks to be an inspiration to others not only with her art... also with how to lives as an artist - as a healthy, spirit centered, continually creative individual who cares enough to speak up when the Emperor is wearing no clothes. Aliah is an spiritual activist for a kinder world leading us to peace.

Aliah plays at Austin Earth Expo for Earth Day and
has played at Earth Day in different cities every year.

Tired of spending her time looking for songs to dance to - she The depth of their messages about life - solidified in a timeless song - inspired her own songs. It became a way for her to look at everything that happens in life - in a new light- as inspiration for a song. She was into finding what was real - and discovering how to express it by studying the songs that touched her deeply and changed how she thought about "mistakes" and helped her to learn from everything that happens.

#5 LIFE CHOICE: Doing what you love is good for you - if it is not - then find what is - keep looking till it feels good. By gaining the skills to do what we love - we are lead to our calling - that needs all those skills.

Aliah's Performance Art awakening...

"Little Shelf" - the opening track of the Shades of Images CD was inspired by her after doing TV for a while - wanting to do something live - yet different - she began looking to the very happening Performance Art scene in Austin. Then, she was featured in the long running Austin Showcase of Performance Artists called:
10 Minutes Max.

Her interdisciplinary performance blended many of her abilities as she danced in front of a backdrop of her video of her song: “Split Second Inspiration”.
The song is about re-claiming our dreams & visions - with an easy to recall memory - that inspired our first steps on the path.
In the video she had made,
she was dancing to the song too.
Her choreography & dance was able to
take on a whole new dimension.

This review came out about her
10 Minute Max Performance:

"The act which stood out this evening was
Aliah Selah.
Combining all elements of the creative arts
(music, dance, drama, & video art).
Aliah's performance represented the essence of an
interdisciplinary artist. After her brief monologue,
she danced to her own song
"Split Second Inspiration"
around an hour glass - and took the audience on...
a mind walk through time."

-Jackie Blue
Texas Beat Magazine

She came back to Arizona with her BA in Humanities from NEW COLLEGE (Songs Of Atlantis) and took a masters choreography class in the summer at ASU where she used her own song as the music. She was going to continue through the Fall but found that the dancers were not at all health focused - in fact just the opposite. Choosing to be healthy has always been important to her - especially when driving her body so hard with dance classes all day - she left and was brought back to yoga again, a theme in her life as she began to tour and her health as a performer became vital.

After her tour she came back and started playing in cover bands to make a living. She did a USO tour to Japan, Canada & Alaska with Charlie Gillingham (of Counting Crows) and was about to do more work with them when they told her that she should do her original music - it was good and she was writing songs all the time - some with Charlie who offered many insights.

So she joined the band who had just won best new band at the BAM Awards the year before. They chose the name METRO and opened for Bonnie Hayes at the Stone and played the Starry Plow and other clubs. She was the lead vocalist, played sax, and was one of the main co-writers. After getting some interest they suddenly decided to go with a Male Vocalist. And she finally gained the courage and conviction to put her more intimate songs together into a stage show performed at the San Francisco City College stage where she was taking music and dance classes.

Aliah's 2nd
One Woman Show:

Believe In Love

was performed right before she met Paz.

Again, she combined her poetry, dance, songs & comedy... this time about believing in love - again after being burned by love. Aliah says that she performed BELIEVE IN LOVE to conjure her soulmate Paz into her life - who she met soon after. It was about believing in love again after you have been hurt in love and now you are ready to love again - differently - from a new place. She had to let go of ones who were sabotaging her while saying they were all for it. There were many who said they will "help" and then only get in the way. Yet if you are willing to work smart when you work hard - you begin to see that dreams need to be shared.

#6 LIFE CHOICE: There is no need to put off love or happiness on the way to your dream... it needs to be balanced with life... or your music, art, and other expressions will be empty on a certain level. Without the depth of love's lessons - what do we have to give? This is why it is really important that you choose someone who supports that vision and better yet - shares it.

Paz & Aliah of SPIRAL say:

Paz & Aliah met in LA and started making music on many levels right away. They were determined to bring out the best in each other- it was magical "YES-YES" love (where you both said yes from the start - no if's, and's or maybe's) so happy to find someone who wants to share the dream.

Aliah has just gotten some really bad offers and was looking at the music business with new eyes when she met Paz who had just produced his own recording where he played all the instruments. To Aliah he said, "Instead of waiting to be discovered - let's discover our selves and keep learning the tools to produce what we wanted to create instead of waiting for someone to tell us how to do it."

#7 LIFE CHOICE: Discover yourself or someone else will do it for you - and you can do this by learning the skills needed to be creative for a life time - not just for a so-called "lucky break" - it's all hard work, being kind as possible, saying "Thank you, next!" when needed and moving on to the next opportunity.

Paz and Aliah started making music
on many levels right away.
They headed out to Boston to play the streets of Harvard Square with the new folk scene.
Her continuous devotion to songwriting
paid off when the
Boston Berklee School of Music

who gave Aliah a rarely given out
vocal scholarship reserved for unique singer/songwriters

At Berklee she received several songwriting awards from both students and teachers - while together with her band/life partner Paz (vocals, bass, guitar, & flute) Aliah (vocals, sax, & keys) was also playing out as TOUCH. Like so many before them, they were regulars on the streets of the well known Harvard Square where Aliah played funky sax & sang with Paz who played upright acoustic bass. Or they would go electric with their folk-funk set of songs with more players in a full band. After 2 Boston winders they headed back to San Diego where their band SOULER SYSTEM played funk rock to crowds at EarthFair in Balboa Park, Whole Being Weekend, and The San Diego Fair for a few years - as well as several cafes & clubs in the area

Vision Magazine reviewed her
Miracles Café

regular Thursday night gig:

“Aliah is full of
vibrant healing energy.
Her positive, funky,
rock songs are really catchy
and ring true as much as
her poetic mystical ballads -
layered with meaning that
help us to feel calmer about
our changing world.”


Aliah is in pre-production with her next CD and the first single was per-released as a gift:

"Across The Universe 2013" was #1 Aug-Nov 2013 & Jan 2014
on the
Electronica Songs in
Santa Cruz, CA.
ATU2013 has been nominated for a

And the music video for the song - is now on YouTube.

Aliah's new EPK:

Hear/Buy Songs:


Aliah describes her new music video "Across The Universe 2013" as "A dreamscape of yogadance visioning at sunset blessing the ocean." Aliah offers a Modal Jazz version of the classic John Lennon channeled song that Aliah was inspired to release with the reactions to Dec 2012. Aliah felt the idea of making a "shift with the shift" to allow a whole new direction in life that may suit us more seemed a to make sense. Editing the music video featuring Lotus Heart Yogadancers helping ATU2013 for months to be #1 in Electronica in Santa Cruz. The song was then nominated for a 2013 Hollywood Music Award in Jazz and was recorded with the Legendary Jamey Aebersold Band: Steve Allee - Piano Tyrone Wheeler - Bass & Steve Davis - Drums. She feels honored to sing with such Jazz legends. And just to be nominated with them
is such a gift.


Aliah is focused on ABLETON for the songs for the new CD and is working on
the newest song: "Awaken Into Dreamtime" that will post soon.

The electronica focus was birthed
with the unique Ambient Downtempo song:

"Little Shelf"
that was nominated
for a LA Music Award
(in Experimental) &
a Hollywood Music Award (in New Age)

- and echoes her latest inspirations... as she
focus on ABLETON.
She is working on the video for it that will open the film:

"Little Shelf" was also the song picked
to represent her at the
A2A Music Festival in Amsterdam
and this lead to some airplay in Europe -
especially for that song.

From a review of Aliah's A2A Music Festival Showcase in Amsterdam just weeks after 9/11.
She came offering love & light while the whole world mourned the loss - she came to play 2 songs
"We Here Now" & "The Holy City" to bring healing:

"Aliah flowed onto the stage, creating a powerful etheric energy within a pop music framework. Having nothing more than a portable synthesizer... she sang as if she
was carrying her band within herself.
Her voice had a naturalness that
was totally effortless.

She is as genuine as they come and brings us back to a peaceful garden where we can all dance barefoot among the wildflowers.
We are lucky to have her (Aliah) in our midst as a present day messenger of another way that is right as sunlight and simple as rain. Her vision combines many music styles such as pop, rock, funk, blues, and world rhythms. She is a well accomplished artist, songwriter, and a visionary who will easily find a place in your heart."

Austin Daze

Her new CD - is all about the longer now... when you have to wait for something to happen
- or you understand all that it will take.
Being both spontaneous and able to follow your visions.
It also speaks for the "Now Generation"
those of every age who want solutions NOW!
Aliah first spoke about the "Now Generation" on Channel 8 in Austin -
as an organizer for the We Here Now Holiday Bazaar & Concert -
a benefit for Food not Bombs and a way to focus on the
first holiday season after 9/11 - we had to get some unifying celebrations
going for the holidays - and it did help us all get our groove back!


Listen To Full Songs & Buy her songs now at




Her 2nd Solo CD:
Shades Of Images

Produced by the
& loved
Austin producer
Mitch Watkins

In Aliah's full page interview with
Access Magazine
they wrote how they especially liked
the title track
“Shades Of Images”
describing it as:
"catchy as some radio ballads". more


As the war first started,
Aliah's song
“What Is So?”
began being played more and more
because of it's pro-peace message -
on activist TV & radio shows
in Austin.
And she began playing it at
Pro-Peace events.

Listen To Full Songs & Buy It From

The song that stands out
the most on
Shades Of Images

for it's uniqueness...
is “Little Shelf”.

This Ambient Down Tempo Spoken word tune reached
#1 on 3 Top 10 charts
(Top 10 Charts: "California",
"West", & "Other Tempo")
on - who recently honored
this atmospheric spoken word song of Aliah's
- by featuring it in a newsletter article called
"Words Of Wisdom" announcing the new
Spoken word Top 10 Chart.

They sent this out to the whole Broadjam community:
"First, check out Aliah Selah's song "Little Shelf" for a unique mix of spoken word and singing.
The voice matches extremely well with the instrumentation and beat of the piece.
The sensual vocals and the abstract theme contribute to the mysterious tone of the song."

Then later added this quote by a record producer
about "Little Shelf": “Very seductive vocals,
meshing well with the underlying guitar and percussion work.
Nice lyrical approach as well. The vocal work here would shine with
electronica backing as well.
This is undoubtedly above the edge here!”

Shades Of Images

is a song oriented
Adult Alternative Rock CD that stretches into many musical styles from modern rock to world pop to spoken word.

Before leaving Austin
for a west coast tour
she was
as a featured artist
on KKMJ with
DJ Eric Leikam.

Who first called her:
"A kinder, gentler Tori Amos"

Vision Magazine
also reviewed her
Shades Of Images CD:

“The album mixes her gorgeous voice with the delicate poetry of her words.
Added is a pop-rock,
almost 70's sound
that has the power
and immediate sense of now.
The music is both
timeless and current,
rambunctious yet meditative.”

"What Is So?" was described as "Rave Rock" by the one & only Austin Music Writer
Sharon Jones
(Editor of Mike's Feedback)
in the Austin Daze - a very cool,
and widely read magazine in Austin.

“Each tune glides into the next in a cosmic flow of jazzy vocal lines, that can also rock with a psychedelic edge on cuts like “What Is So?” and “Dig Deep” both modern stand-out tracks, with major commercial appeal.

-Sharon Jones
Austin Daze Magazine

Once they heard the music coming out of Austin - they decided to move there for the happening scene of funky blues rock RnB sound they loved. They re-formed SOULER SYSTEM in Austin and played a regular gig at the White Rabbit, cafes around, and the legendary Steamboat - along with making TV shows to feature the cool Austin scene and beyond. Later, they started SPIRAL and Aliah recorded some of her Austin Funk Rock belt it out bluesy Jazzy material when the band broke up she took the recordings and and called it LIVIN' In THE SHADE - as she is using it for the ROCKAHOLIX film project.


Aliah's gutsy " Sheryl Crow-meets-Nikka Costa vocals"
on the title track "Living In The Shade"
and her RnB vocals
& sax on "Star Child" & "Fridge Poetry"
has lead her to be called:

“A female Lenny Kravitz with a sax!”

Aliah's song
Living In the Shade
will be featured in
The Rockaholix movie.

(Hear full songs at:


Paz had began recording jam sessions with some of the best players in Austin that they are continuing to do overdubs to and they are sculpting these spontaneous jams into these amazing energetic experiences. She loves the jamming, and kept writing her intimate songs on piano until she started playing her solo material out as well with Paz. And Aliah released her 2nd solo CD Shades of Images and they took this back to San Diego where Aliah and Paz played her solo material and continued to develop electronica for their band SPIRAL ON....

The DJ's comment and the groups reaction to it - encouraged Aliah to began playing her songs in the Lunch Concert Series at Phoenix College where she began going her senior year of high school and Aliah hasn't stopped gigging since. Aliah was playing sax in the PC Jazz band & performing her own songs regularly at Phoenix College's Lunch Concert Series where a popular radio DJ announced her as "The next Joni Mitchell". The prestigious Berklee School of Music agreed and gave her a vocal scholarship reserved for unique singer/songwriters. More recently Vision Magazine added, "Aliah's music is both timeless and current."

Aliah started playing in bands and when she did - she wrote different material for her bands - so her intimate solo material - took a back seat.

That is, until her SF band METRO broke up and she decided to go back to her heartflet songs and put together a one woman show blending her music, dance, and poetry about learn how to love again - after being hurt in love. Aliah feels the show brought her Paz when she took BELIEVE IN LOVE to LA to perform it there and then began working as a duo with Paz and becoming the folk-funk duo: TOUCH.

Then, just as LILITH FAIR happened in Austin, Aliah released her first solo CD that Paz helped her to produce. Because of Lilith Fair, they were much more open to her heart centered ambient songs - whose biggest accomplishment was being played at many births. She had been writing these songs all along while working in funk rock bands over the years - but never recorded or even showed her songs to that many people.

One day, music producer Tim Records (Austin City Limits) heard her playing these songs on the baby grand before Paz & Aliah's band SOULER SYSTEM was getting ready to play. He encouraged her to record these intimate songs of hers. He loved them so much, he offered to help her record them. Aliah released her first CD ACOUSTIC PERFUME - just in time for Lilith Fair.

Aliah's 1st solo CD
Acoustic Perfume

Produced by Tim Records
(Austin City Limits)
and was featured on Austin Radio Stations:
and quickly sold out -
her timing was perfect for the
Lilith Fair Scene.

Reviewed in Texas Beat Magazine:
“Aliah Selah's a lot like Joni Mitchell,
both in song design and live delivery -
she's an up and coming talent."

Eric Leikam is the DJ
who dubbed her,

“A kinder, gentler, Tori Amos”
while he was spinning at KLBJ.

Eric is currently spinning
it at KGSR with Jody Denberg
who played her song “Listen”
off her first CD
Acoustic Perfume

on the Daily Demo.

Reviewed in Access Magazine:
Aliah Selah's first major solo LP.
Acoustic Perfume,
appeared this past year, and the track
Listen has enjoyed considerable
airplay on such programs
as KUT-FM's Eklektikos.
The album is mellow,
certainly falling squarely
in the blue section
on the mood-ring scale.

Acoustic Perfume
has been played at many births...
and to Aliah, this is its most
honored achievement!

Her creative visions began with the goal of dancing to her own music - and that lead her on the path of following inspirations into creative projects. To her, it was more than just music - it was a quest for the real authentic spirit of social justice, activism, & unfolding the mystery of real love.

Years later, after the break up of her SF Rock band METRO (opened for Bonnie Hayes at the Stone) where she was the lead vocalist and main co-writer... she finally gained the courage and conviction to put her more intimate songs together into a stage show and produced her 2nd one woman show: BELIEVE IN LOVE

Again, she combined her poetry, dance, songs & comedy... this time about believing in love - again after being burned by love. Aliah says that she performed BELIEVE IN LOVE to conjure her soulmate Paz into her life who she met soon after. It was about believing in love again after you have been hurt in love and now you are ready to love again - differently - from a new place.

Aliah's 2nd
One Woman Show:

Believe In Love

brought her to meet Paz.

Paz & Aliah of SPIRAL On..  say:

What's Up Now with SPIRAL ON.. ?

SPIRAL ON..  is currently working
on an amazing body of recordings
of sculptured jam sessions
with inspired intuitive Austin musicians -
with music that flows like
Dark Side of the Moon -
(much like their video art)
with each song melting
into the next.

Aliah will then put visuals
to 3 CD's to make a DVD box set
that will be release together



It will be showcased together with "Little Shelf"
and some other Aliah Selah songs -
on their new TV show:


Visionary Inspiration
For A Sustainable Peace

Humanitarianism +
Creative Activism =







Aliah brought all her creativity
into one vision when she began doing
video art.

SOTV: Sacred Originality Television
aired for many years
in Austin, Texas

during SXSW as a late night TV.

Many of Aliah's solo songs as well as many
were made into videos that Aliah -
along with doing the graphics -
she choreographed and danced in them
(some with The Austin Ballet Company) -
honoring her original dream of
writing music to dance to.

These self-produced videos were used
for Environmental causes and aired on many
known Austin music video shows like:
Remote Control, Capseyez, & RAW TIME.
(RAW TIME won the best cable access show
in the country from Rolling Stone Magazine)
as well as regularly on several shows on
Channel 15 - the Austin Music Network.

Paz & Aliah's TV show
"Trippin' In Austin"
ran weekly for 2 years.
It was sponsored by:
The very rockin'
Pace Concerts

(allowing them
backstage access
for many concerts)
Amy's Ice Cream & Connan's Pizza
(to feed the crew).
They also did a SXSW special for the 10 years they did TV in Austin.

The Trippin' in Austin Matto:

"No Sheep, & no cheese,
but sheep cheese it cool!"

Tippin' in Austin featured local and touring talent - music, art, poetry, activism,
& Eco Tech news together with CoCreative Comedy
& flash backs of the old Kung Fu - all fading from one to the other with
trippy visuals and music in between
interviews & cool event coverage.

Some remember-able moments...
an interview with Sandra Bernhard...
Dave Mathews playing a song he has on none of his CD's...
tons of local Austin bands getting noticed by MTV...
and lots of local, national, & international events covered!

Aliah was already known as host of Trippin' In Austin
where she did an opening monologue each week.
Her comedy grew into doing stand up at the
Capitol City Comedy Club...
where she was finally able to admit
that she was a...

Remember that in Austin - just about everyone is a Rockaholx and proud of it -
so let's just say it was fertile ground for a Rockaholix to talk about being addicted to rock.
She would claim the civil rights movement as the inspiration of ROCK...
that now has touched all styles of music... the unified sound of the energy for change.
Her offerings were in the Rock Star Interventions where she would bump into rockstars at a crutial time in her life and music development.
Mystical forces each time allowed chance meetings with Stevie Nicks, Jon Anderson, Robert Plant, Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow, and so many more.
She, as the Mama of Rockaholix, feels the need to offer information on how to rock-safe - so we can live with our addiction - in fact -
celebrate it in the name of peace!

Find out i


ROCK says...
And gives people energy
to call upon their enthusiasm to go for it.




Touring Japan, Canada,
& Alaska in a band with
Counting Crows Keyboardist
Charlie Gillingham

Chorus to the song "What Is So?"


As the war first started,
Aliah's song “What Is So?”
began being played more and more
because of it's pro-peace message -
on activist TV & radio shows in Austin.

And she began playing it at
organized Pro-Peace events.

"What Is So?" was described as "Rave Rock" by the one & only Austin Music Writer
Sharon Jones (Editor of Mike's Feedback)
in the Austin Daze - a very cool, and widely read magazine in Austin.

“Each tune glides into the next in a cosmic flow of jazzy vocal lines,
that can also rock with a psychedelic edge
on cuts like “What Is So?” and “Dig Deep”
both modern stand-out tracks,
with major commercial appeal.

-Sharon Jones
Austin Daze Magazine

Inspiring Spiritual Activism

Aliah Selah is an interdisciplinary artist (Musician, dancer, video artist, painter/graphic artist, actor, poet, spoken word artist, writer, and sound healer) with a joyous spirit that reveals a deep commitment to inner growth and spiritual activism. Her song "Bless The Water" was used for radio & TV spots to support S.O.S. (Save Our Springs) opposing developers threatening the fragile watershed Eco-system in Austin. Another song "Luna: Tree Of Life" celebrates the work of Julia Butterfly Hill who lived for 2 years in a soaring Redwood tree she named Luna to help save the ancient forest. Aliah's song "Sweetwater" is the title track on the Austin feature film that showcased in several festivals & plays regularly on PBS.

Inspired by the ongoing peace movement's efforts, she's currently in pre-production with her next CD - IN LIGHT OF NOW as a follow-up to "What Is So?" that was played on several radio stations as the Iraq war first started. She offers video activism through Peacefarm Productions ( that has received several production grants for wellness videos. She's produced videos for Lee Holden L.Ac. - as part of completing his Qi Gong Teacher's Training where she learned Medical Qi Gong from Lee and their teacher Mantak Chia. Both inspired Lotus Heart Qi Gong that she developed & teaches. From her Yogadance set, she is now blending Yoga & Qi Gong into a form she calls - Yoga Qi Flow. Adding her Contemporary Dance choreography - she offers Yogadance Qi Flow classes to develop her troupe. See the Lotus Heart Yogadancers in her newest music video - "Across The Universe 2013" - inspiring a shift to a peaceful world. Aliah's finding so many inspiring artists who feel the same way at Sacred Music, Art, & Yoga Festivals - bringing in the new era of people over dollars. Also her bandmate/soulmate Paz Rheinstein - share the sacred jam band: SPIRAL ON... & Spiral on Productions where they produce the Web/TV Show CREATIVE EVOLUTION - with the motto: Make Love For Peace. See "Rainbow Rejuvenation" and some sample SPIRAL videos for upcoming 3CD-DVD set. (

Aliah's a pro performer with hundreds of live performances; she's toured Japan, Canada & Alaska with the keyboardist for Counting Crows, while in Boston - together with Paz - she's played in Cafes and on college radio stations as well as in Harvard Square as TOUCH. Next in San Diego playing at clubs and festivals with funkrock band SOULER SYSTEM that grew into their current project SPIRAL ON... In addition, as host of their Austin TV shows - she also featured her layered collage-like music art videos where she danced as another form of graphics - fulfilling her original vision of dancing to her own music.

In the San Francisco Guardsman, the writer commented on BELIEVE IN LOVE - her one woman show combining her music, dance, poetry, art, & comedy about life: "It's nice to find someone who tells it how she sees it - we can expect to see more of Aliah Selah, she has the talent & integrity to rise above the norm."




          Aliah Selah is a mystic who dances on the edge of possibilities with all her creative impulses. She channels evolutionary comedy, spoken word, & songs - offering insights and inspiration to go for what's possible - holding it in vision until it comes into being. She's a pro performer with countless live performances; she's fronted many bands starting with touring Japan, Canada & Alaska with the keyboardist for COUNTING CROWS, to the San Francisco rock band METRO who played The Stone - opening for Bonnie Hayes, and at Wolfgang's, & The Starry Plow). Then (while on vocal scholarship at Berklee School of Music in Boston), together with her partner Paz as TOUCH they played in Cafes, Festivals, and on College Radio Stations WERS (Emerson College) & WMFO (Tufts University) - as well as the streets of Harvard Square. Aliah & Paz moved back to Southern California and started SOULER SYSTEM that played to crowds at EarthFair in Balboa Park, Whole Being Weekend, and The San Diego Fair - as well as several cafes & clubs in the area. Re-forming in Austin and then evolving into her current project SPIRAL ON... . Aliah, together with Paz (and their Iguana) hosted several popular Austin TV shows that they produced and doing her opening monologue lead to her doing stand-up comedy (about being a Rockaholix - she's even written the R.A. 12 Steps), and acting in several feature films that has now lead her to some of her own film projects in pre-production. One of which is THE ROCKAHOLIX.

          It all come together for her when she learned to make TV, this interdisciplinary artist found a way to bring all her abilities together into one form. She combined sacred visuals, dance, songs, and spoken word into Performance Art pieces that she now adds to SPIRAL performances. Not a far leap for her being that she had done several one woman shows: BELIEVE IN LOVE (San Francisco City Collage) just before she met Paz (Aliah says she conjured Paz with the show.) & A DANCER FOR PEACE (Israel, France, & Amsterdam) inspired by Peace Pilgrim (who walked 7 x's across the US to teach the real essence of peace as she lived it.) More recently, she returned to Amsterdam to play in the A2A Music Festival and connected again with old friends who helped her to get some airplay on European stations.

          Her first solo CD Acoustic Perfume was perfect for Lilith Fair and she's getting more and more airplay in the US and Europe after releasing her second CD Shades Of Images. It's a song oriented Adult Alternative Rock CD that stretches into many musical styles from modern rock to world pop to spoken word - with some bends towards Jazz. The CD opens with "Little Shelf' - an Ambient Down Tempo Spoken word tune that reached #1 on 3 Top 10 charts (Top 10 Charts: "California", "West", & "Other Tempo") on "Little Shelf" is being made into a video that will first showcase on their new TV show: CREATIVE EVOLUTION. The new TV show will showcase creative visionaries who have been or will be given Creative Evolutionary Award by the show to honor their visionary creative evolution awareness & solutions. (Awards have been given to Julia Butterfly Hill, Sandra Burnhard, and the Makers of Sex, Drugs, & Democracy about Amsterdam. CREATIVE EVOLUTION is being produced by Peacefarm Productions, together with Spiral On Productions. Along with showcasing SPIRAL & Aliah Selah videos it will also include those they meet along the way - with inspirational music, art, film, poetry, spoken word, in a creative setting of evolutionary comedic visionary activism.

         To Aliah, life is about experiencing inspiration to the fullest and her music and other forms of creativity continue to grow because of it. She's fully dedicated to being spontaneous and following synchronicities that allow her to see the magic of life. She's a free spirit who's bohemian artistic flow comes from seeing how all situations can have benefits in some way and the process of creativity is a potent healer. Her songs are about how perceiving life from our awakenings and focusing on this - is the ripple of inspiration that offers many more possibilities. Her title track on the CD Shades of Images says that being grateful to every opportunity & set back comes from listening to the still voice inside that continually leads to the next creative impulse and opportunity to share real heart connection.

         Being completely honest in her Stand Up Comedy about being a Rockaholix - shows how through seeing the comedy of it all and choosing to live intentionally - allowing the muses to work through us at every turn and especially when it was really hard. Thinking this way has saved her life & continues to save it daily. So she continues to live each day knowing that life is art when you connect with everyone - listen to creative impulses - and know that this will always lead us to new levels of inspiration - eventually. Aliah does her art so she can inspire others to be creative and to live life to the fullest - making the most out of what we are given. Aliah knows that so much is possible in... time, once we make the choice to follow our muses. And that through taking each step with the joy of discovering life's mysteries, embracing a knowingness that all that comes from living that way. Even in hard times - knowing it's all perfect - there are no mistakes - there is only growing and soon to be growing. Growth happens naturally - it is why we are here. When we see "Who We Is" (a song on the upcoming CD) and embrace all of who we is fully - then we are connected to everyone and everything - our essence is oneness - and that's the inspiration that Aliah offers her creativity. So drink it up and get creative!

In Development:
          One of her current film projects is: THE ROCKAHOLIX (isn't the 'x' so much more rock n roll). The idea grew out of her doing a stand up comedy set where she admits being a rockaholix and tells hysterical real life stories of her & her friend's addiction to rock and the many blessed "rock star interventions" where at synchronistic moments she has bumped into living legends of Rock like: Robert Plant, Lenny Kravitz, Stevie Nicks, & Jon Anderson - just to name a few. As the Mother of Rockaholix, Aliah has written the 12 steps to Rockaholix Anonymous at the dedicated R.A. web site: where she speaks about The Pathway to "rocking safe" (or practicing "safe sax" in her case) so that we can live in a world where it's safe to rock. Yet more important is supporting everyone in fully claiming their INNER ROCKSTAR. After years of searching for bandmates, (a rockaholix is always searching for "the band") she turned it all into her comedy act and in The Rockaholix movie she will actually document her search for "the band" and the lives of other comedian/musician/bands who start going to the R.A. Meetings. She plans to do 3 other film projects that will be like an ongoing adventure for the posse she brings together for the cause. In In addition, each film has a focus of doing something to help the world with the proceeds & messages through an eloquent comedy that speaks for how rock has been used to fuel the commercial world - when it began as a rebellion of it - and it's impact on our culture now. When Bratz & Barbie Dolls both wanna be rock stars it's an epidemic - so lets use the force of rock to ROCK FOR PEACE & help heal the planet:

Return (Pro-Peace Movement)
Full Moon Rising (Alternative Homeless Shelters)
& Street Kids (Alternative Runaway Shelters)

For more info on these films

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